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Beginner’s Guide To Double Penetration

The first time I tried double penetration was with an old boyfriend. We weren’t on a mission to tick everything off our sexual bucket list or anything, it just happened when we were experimenting with different things. And it was AMAZING – it felt really deep and the orgasm was nothing short of earth shattering. Now it feels like having really naughty sex – something that gets saved for special occasions, with a guaranteed mind-blowing orgasm at the end. I wouldn’t want to spread the DP love too thinly though it feels much more intimate than standard, Monday night sex. I’ve only done it with a handful of people I’ve felt really comfortable with. It helps that my current boyfriend and I are really sexually synched. And because he knows i’m really into double penetration, he’s really into it too.

Obviously (or maybe not so obviously) there are different ways Double Penetration can work, depending on your sexual preferences and the number of dicks at your disposal. For me, it’s about one man and one dildo. I do have an amazing fantasy about doing it with two guys, but I’m in a long-term relationship, so the thought of getting a third person involved feels like a whole other article. But if threesomes are your thing? I imagine it would be amazing.

For some reason, being curious about anything more than putting a P in the V is always pretty taboo, but if you want to try double penetration you’ll have to get down with the idea of anal sex – which, incidentally, I love. Not that I’m an expert butt-hole whisperer – the first time I tried it was HORRIBLE (although in hindsight, that was more to do with the fact that my (much older) boyfriend had no interest at all in making me orgasm, than with the P in the A situation). After that, I went along with it on ‘special occasions’ to be a ‘good sport’ (which, incidentally, are not good reasons to try anal sex). It was only when I suggested trying it with a boyfriend who hadn’t done it before that I actually started to enjoy it (maybe it was something to do with taking his anal virginity?). I started to realise that I needed to be totally relaxed for it to work – I’m talking deep breathing, scented candles, the works.

Truthfully it isn’t the most comfortable feeling at first, but as long as you’re massively turned on, I feel like it’s totally worth the initial probe. Lubrication is more than important, let me tell you. No lube = no fun for you. So slather up. ALSO, it’s common knowledge that men have a G-spot up there, but so do we. And scientifically speaking (because this article is all about the science) there are nerves up there that when massaged, also trigger nerves in your clitoris. Personally I can’t come at all without clitoral stimulation, indirectly hitting that spot that guarantees an amazing orgasm.

So, once you’ve got the dick-in-ass technique down and sorted you can introduce your second friend. And when I say friend, I mean your dildo, unless you actually want it to be your friend, which is cool too. And trust me, the dildo IS your friend. Personally, I had some real one-on-one time with my rubber friend before getting into DP. The rampant rabbit may be annoyingly pink, but fuck it, the bunny ears changed my life, and familiarising myself with this solo was definitely an important step towards DP orgasm heaven. Once I knew how to come with a vibrator, as well as eventually enjoying anal sex, it was a natural graduation to doing both at the same time.