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Berkshire Girls Are the Best

I am going to let you in on a secret, Berkshire escorts are the best especially the ones from https://charlotteaction.org/berkshire-escorts. Honestly, I have a passion for dating escorts, and they seem to enjoy my company as well. My wife and I split up about two years ago, and ever since then I have been dating escorts. It was a bad break-up and to be honest, I don’t think that I will ever get married again.

It is not a decision set in stone, but I think that for the next couple years, I will carry on dating Berkshire escorts. There are many reasons why I like dating Berkshire escorts, but it goes without saying that they make the most gorgeous sexy companions. I know that there are escorts agencies all over London, but I am planning to stick to Berkshire escorts agencies.

Berkshire Escorts

Berkshire Escorts

I do travel, so I might book some dates with out of town escorts, but when I am in London I will only date Berkshire escorts. They are the sexiest companions that I know on this planet.


Now, I am a man who likes curves. A few well rounded hips and a pair of lovely boobs, that is what I look for in an escort. Berkshire girls can give me that and more. There is nothing like walking down the street with a sexy companion who has everything in the right places and in the right proportions.

Super skinny women are not for me. I honestly can’t see what other men see in them but I suppose they must have something very special to offer. However, skinny girls to me are nothing special to look at and I do prefer looking at women who have a bit of shape to them.

Of course, psychologists will say that it goes back to my mom who was a well rounded woman. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and if you like curvy women I think that is just fine.


Long legs is not such a big factor and turn on for me, but I do have a bit of a fetish for stilettos. That doesn’t mean that I like wearing them because I don’t, but I do like looking at women who wear stilettos. My favorite girls don’t have long legs but all of them do wear high heels.
I am not the tallest guy in the world so when a girl takes her high heels off, I am quite happy.

Some of the escorts that I date have more or less become good friends, and I love spoiling them. It is important for me to have a happy relationship with the girls, and I do find that I get better service in that way. Most of the girls that I date are very smart and you can easily have a decent conversation with them as well as a bit of comfort. Okay, they do turn me on and I know that they are just sexy companions. However, that doesn’t stop me from lusting for them and I just love being around my Berkshire girls.

Hungerford Escorts on Frosties

Frosties are sugary and ice cream snacks that kids are very fond of these days. You see them being sold everywhere. I must admit that they are nice, and when I had a day off from https://charlotteaction.org/hungerford-escorts Hungerford escorts with my little niece, I did buy her one. Walking down the road, I thought that Frosties can easily be made into healthy snacks if you swapped out all of the sugar and replaced it with something different.


the hunger of hungerford escorts


Personally, I love fruit and I cannot see why we cannot make Frosties out of frozen bananas. They come out testing just as nice and on top of that, there are a lot of healthy things you can add to the,. For instance, you could serve them up with a bowl of walnuts. That would be really nice and would make a nice crunchy addition to the frosty. One of the other girls here at Hungerford escorts suggested that you could dip raspberries into the Frosty as well. I think that could be delicious.


We seemed to be obsessed with sugary snacks these days, and are feeding more and more sugar to our kids. Despite most parents being aware that sugary snacks are bad for kids, they keep on feeding them to kids. Most of us girls here at Hungerford escorts know that excess weight does not only come from fat, but it comes from excess sugar as well. You do see a lot of overweight kids around and I think it is down to the parents. They simply do not like saying no.


I am rather strict with myself and really careful with what I eat. First of all, I make sure that I read all of the food labels. They are not always easy to understand, but with a bit of effort, you can get it done. Food labels have so many different names for sugar such as agave. We are led to believe that agave is a healthy sugar, but it is not. It is just as bad for you as other sugar. One of the girls here at Hungerford escorts have been using it because she though it was a good thing, but of course it is not.


Is it hard to know what to eat these days? I think it is really hard to know. The government talks about a sugar tax, and I really think that this is the only way to control the problem. When I have time off from Hungerford escorts, I like to spend time with my sister and her kids. She is always telling me how hard it is to control sugar consumption, and that the school is not always that vigilant. I can totally see where my sister is coming from, and I would like to think that something could be done about. Perhaps we should have warning labels on every food with extra high sugar content.

But then again, I suppose some people would ignore them. Education is really the best way forward.

I think I have a shopping addiction

Ever since moving to London, I have become a shopping addict. Fortunately I earn quite a decent living, says Mary from London escorts, but I just can’t stop shopping. Most of the other London escorts who work for the same agency as me, are sensible and save up their money. They buy things like flats and cars, but I only seem to be able to buy clothes. When I was younger, I could not afford a lot so I suppose I am making up for it now, says Mary. It is a bit of an addiction though, and I would like to stop.

Some of our dates at London escorts like¬†https://cityofeve.com/ suffer from addictions. I have one guy that I date a lot who can’t stop watching porn movies. He is just totally addicted to porn movies, and it never seizes to amaze me. He says that he can spend all weekend in his flat watching porn movies. That would just drive me nuts, and I wold have to get out. His mom and dad were really hung up about sex when he was little and he thinks his addiction comes from there. Just like me, he spends a fortune on poor movies.

London escorts

London escorts

I also have another date who is addicted to collecting erotic art. It is not for me at all, but from what I understand it can get seriously expensive. The guy is really rich so he can easily afford. When he is not collecting erotic art, he dates different London escorts. He says that his big dream is to live out and experience some of the scenes in his paintings. It sounds kind of crazy to me but I suppose he is not hurting anybody. It is a rich man’s hobby and I think that it will remain a fantasy for a very long time.

Here at London escorts we get to meet all sort of guys. I have one gent that I date almost every week, and he runs an online sex shop. When he is not busy doing that, he collects antique sex toys. His dream is to have a sex toy museum. Somehow, I can’t see this coming off and I have suggested that he makes it a virtual museum. At the moment he is looking into the idea. After all, it would satisfy his need for showing of all of his strange and unusual sex toys.

I tell you, we get all sorts here at London escorts. You never know who is going to walk through the door. There are so many different addictions and fetishes out there, and I find it hard to imagine them all. I would love to say that I think that all of this people are normal, but I am not so sure. The guys that I know are not doing any harm, so I just listen to what they have to say. Sometimes it is really interesting, and you can learn a lot. For instance, I did not know that there was a lot of money in erotic art.

What is so special about New Cross escorts?

A lot of my business associates ask me what is so special about New Cross escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/, and quite frankly I feel like responding and say “What isn’t special about New Cross escorts?” Everything is special about New Cross girls, and unless you have dipped your toes in the water, you will never really know. I have personally dated all around the world but I now save all my money until I come to New Cross, and I just date VIP and elite escorts in New Cross. There is absolutely no point in wasting your money elsewhere. If you are going to indulge your passions – indulge them in New Cross.


New Cross escorts

New Cross escorts

Escorts are meant to be sexy and sophisticated at the same time, and New Cross escorts can pull this off with perfection. You can take a New Cross escort to a business dinner and she will make the ideal dinner companion. Many of my friends have been very impressed with my New Cross girls, and many of them have believed that they are my girlfriends. As a matter of fact, most of the time I end up feeling like Richard Gere must have done in Pretty Woman. Okay, they are a lot smart than the role Julia Roberts played, and they are always stunning.

In the last couple of years, I have dated New Cross escorts in many different areas of New Cross. It is interesting, but you will find that escorts services around the capital vary a bit. Each part of New Cross seem to have its own unique flavor and character. For instance, in areas such as Romford and Ilford, the girls tend to be a bit slutty – a bit more like American escorts. In the West and central New Cross, you will be able to enjoy the services of VIP and elite escorts. They are like sophisticated courtesans, and always make the best dinner date companions.

In place likes Richmond, they are sort of half way between the two and seem to have an enormous sense of fun. I also like dating in the Canary Wharf part of New Cross. Canary Wharf is the second biggest business district in New Cross, and I do a lot of business here. At night, it is a great place to go out and I enjoy getting a group of party girls together for some serious partying. I take some of my business associates with me, and we go out on the town as they say in England. We have a couple of drinks to many, and things just get out of hand a little bit.

Dating New Cross escorts is so much more special than dating in New York or other places. All of the agencies are great, and everything is so easy to arrange. All of the agencies that I have dealt with allover New Cross, have been really professional and giving me the best service. They will even let you know when they have new girls available, and what services they deliver. Sometimes I wonder if New Cross girls should start some sort of escort school to train other escorts around the world.