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double penetration

From the research found by top escorts in London site:cityofeve.com, Double penetration is a sexual term that means a woman gets penetrated in two places at the same time. This can either be vagina and anus or vagina and mouth. London escorts go on to reveal that more often than not, it refers to vagina/anus penetration by two men or one man and a toy. Double penetration has been for a long time associated with pornography but to the London escorts surprise with time it has come to be an acceptable household activity between loving and married couples who want to spice up their marriage. Apparently, the stimulation one gets from double penetration is earth shattering and gives the woman multiple strong orgasms. This is what the girls from London escorts agencies have discovered.

Beginners Guide to Double Penetration

· London escorts advise for beginners to take time before going into double penetration, get comfortable with anal sex. A lot of practice, lubrication and loving care from a partner are required before one can go to the next step. It’s recommended that one starts with toys and fingers to flex the anal muscles and then step by step penetration of a penis until the woman gets used to it. · The second step involves trying to incorporate a toy in the anus when a penis is in the vagina for a while and the woman is in full rhythm. With time London escorts have read that the couple can alternate and have the toy in the vagina and the penis in the anus until everything is comfortable.

Advanced Double Penetration

London escorts have seen that women who have had enough experience want to feel two penises penetrating her at the same time.in fact, most couples are now open to include a third person in their sex life, usually London escorts. In this case it’s important to have the escort wear a condom at all time to be safe. Some people choose to have the threesome with a friend instead of hiring London escorts, but this can get messy later on especially if there are feelings involved.

Male gay couples also outsource a woman who they can both sleep with at the same time and satisfy each other through her. This scenario works best since the gay couple not only enjoys the woman but each other as well and they are not grossed out by bumping balls.


London escorts advise that all the parties to be in comfortable positions. The best position is usually when the girl is on top of one guy and the other guy enters her anus from behind. This positions is comfortable and allows the woman to be touched everywhere by the men. This position can even include a third man who stands in front of her while she gives him oral sex.

The second best position is spooning with one guy in front and the other behind giving the woman just as much satisfaction as woman on top.


According to people who have tried this, once you go double penetration you can’t go back. It’s hard to get into at first but once you get used to it its extremely satisfying and addictive especially to women. This said and done, all precautions should be taken as this can break or build a relationship.

The essence of Porn

Pornographic is what a big word with so much malicious things attached on it. Some people it has a bad indication especially young. Yes it has if it goes beyond the limits. Thinking about the brighter side of it, it helps a lot of people. Especially to those who cannot let go of their emotions onwards what they feel intimately towards their partner. This results from being paranoid from all the hearsays coming from the society which do not have facts. So if you really want to try the true effect of having porn into your sex life then you will be convinced on its satisfaction. Knowing such boundaries and make the best of it no harm will happen to you. You will in the safest place on earth plus you will have the highest level of orgasms in the whole wide universe.

Making use of things which indicate bad implications to others doesn’t man disobedient. It’s just that you become open to what it brings into your life once you have it. Pornographic materials were introduced to the dying sexual orgasms of some bachelors in the society. They might fail to make it on their own alone but by the help of sexy videos, photos, and magazines the arousal that they have never experience for the long period of time were awaken and boosted with so much intimacy. This kind of emotion helped the total formation of sexual desire of a person which gives signals to the ultimate climax of sexual act.

Indeed in every situation it indicates so many obligations to take.  Especially if you have kids at home you cannot even place those paraphernalia’s anywhere else. This kind of stuff is a big no, no, to them. Not until they will reach into their legal age that they can be allowed to see them. Extra careful is what you have to put in mind.

Escort Services over the Internet

Internet has turned out to be one of the major ways that Harlow escorts and prostitutes use for marketing their services. With just a click away, prospect clients can immediately search for their desired woman over the Internet and browse her profile right here http://cityofeve.com/Harlow-escorts/. The Internet has become the newest medium where Harlow escorts agencies and other prostitute providers advertise the adult entertainment industry on a virtual perspective. While it is considered as the newest form of promotion, it has proven its efficiency and effectiveness in attracting a number of clients.

Internet: A proven attention-getter

Internet has been widely used by both small and large business worldwide. Just like these businesses, the escorts and prostitution operations in Harlow also rely on a portion of their success to Internet.

With the introduction of Internet, it caused the “flooding” of a number of various websites and articles that give certain information about the Harlow escorts agencies. Every type of escort in Harlow that a client wants can be searched online. Every type of service they want is searchable through the Internet. Every little thing possible about an escort can be possibly known through the help of Internet.

Even though this kind of industry is considered legitimate in some locations in the world, the adult entertainment industry especially when it comes to selling sex, remains an unlawful act. This is the reason that it is much better to be familiar with how the industry works over the Internet and face-to-face transactions.

Escorting and prostitution: A business agreement

Although the society is still looking at the adult entertainment industry as immoral and illegal, this kind of activity is considered by patrons as a business agreement. Just like any small or large business, the transaction between a customer and their hired Harlow escorts involves the payment of money in exchange of a particular service.

We know that a business agreement has its own terms and conditions that should be followed wholeheartedly. In the Harlow escorts industry, the same thing happens. A contract should always be presented to a participant that includes every policy and limitation, as well as the terms and conditions that you want your customer to follow.

In addition, the contract should also clearly emphasise the services that will be provided during the appointment with the Harlow escorts and the payment that should be made beforehand. If the customer wants to have an intimate or physical contact with his hired adult professional, the activity should be approved by the escort.


As Slutty as it might sound, many people have wondered what it feels
like to be Double Penetrated. Those of you who happen to be swingers,
or have been know that it can get so hot and sexy that you just cant
hold yourself back and want those two guys to do you at the same time.

I’ve been Dp’d a few times ; and i can say its incredible, you must
be totally horny and into the moment otherwise its gonna hurt like
hell especially if any of those partners has a huge dick and well the
BIGGEST guy has to be in the front at least thats my preference. The
orgasms i experienced were insane, within two minutes i had my first
orgasm and they just kept coming one after another to the point that
my legs were shaking.

hey’ve always been w/ hot guys so its visual
pleasure, physical pleasure, and the rush of the “taboo” that comes
with it.

The feeling of your pussy stretched by your partner, is simply sexy
and hot.

My Fisting How To or How to learn how to do fisting?

I get often asked : how to learn to give fisting to a woman? Not to repeat the same story all the time, I decided to write this text. First of all I decided to look what people write about this over the Web. And when I found and read some manuals I was horrified.

It’s quite obviously that the overwhelming majority of these manuals was written by men. Because its style and content like an instruction manual for automobile repair: “put some motor oil on the piston pin, paste it into the hole of connecting-rod, and press it by hand…”. I don’t know how can this instructions help with automobile repair, but it’s impossible to learn taking delight with women that way.

That’s why I decided to express my own opinion for this theme. Although I have big and very positive experience in this theme, it will be some difficult to realize it, because in the moment when I acted this way, my mind half switched off, and describe something or give any recommendations, I can’t, I simply haven’t condition.

First of all we should identify what we’ll talk about, I mean what is fisting. One of definition which I found in the internet was “fisting – is penetration in vaginal or anal hole by hand fingers or by fist”. First, I want exclude right away fisting to men, I don’t understand something in this. Second, I categorically against word “penetration”. Meaning of fisting, at my look, is not penetrating into some hole, I think its mean caress and give pleasure to her. And third, I don’t think that caress by two or three fingers can deliver same pleasure as by whole fist.

Finally, I’d definite this as: “fisting is a way to caress (stimulate) women by fist of hand placed into vaginal or anal inlet (hole)”.

Of course this definition not snow whole meaning too. Even considering my positive experience in this theme, I can’t allege that fisting is absolutely safe action. Especially for beginners. So it needs maximum carefull attitude from both partners, and accordingly, it need very high level of trust between partners. Usually men don’t like speak about love and feelings, but I think that fisting is highest form of sexual contact, and only one way to start experiments in this direction is when relation between partners can be described by words “love” and “feelings”. (of course if one of partners not is international Honoured Master of Sports ).

Potential of women organism depends in high lever on that, what woman like to call “feeling”, or I can try to call it instinctively motivation. Just for example. I can easily lay on the back with open mouth, and my partner will with all ones might drive his penis in my throat to the end of one, I will suffocating, but this motion will give me biggest pleasure. But I absolutely unable to swallow even tip of a dildo.

Before start learning something, you must answer the question, do you need this learning, if yes – what for. In many cases it’s hard to learn fisting and it may need long training period. Make a go of it possible in case well understanding of target of this efforts, and if process of training will give you a pleasure. All the more in that case it needs efforts from both partners regardless of whether it is your marital partner or a hired escort from cityofeve.com.